Special accessories

No frustration and anger

With us, dent professionals find high-quality and sensible accessories for the paintless dent removal.

Dents mirror

Item-ID Description
CZ-170 Ø 100 cm, foldable

Carbon Titanium Hammer

Item‑ID Description
CZ‑180 High quality and perfectly balanced hammer made of 100 % titanium with a noble handle of ash wood, total weight: 110 g

Expandable rack

Item-ID Description
CZ-151 multi-functional

Air cushion


Teflon striking tool

Item-ID Description
CZ-112m with metal core

Teflon striking tool, big

Item-ID Description
CZ-112XL Length: 155 mm, Ø 16,5 mm

Window wedges / plastic wedges

Item-ID Description
CZ-113 Window wedge, 60 mm
CZ-122a Plastic wedge, 30 mm
CZ-122b Plastic wedge, angled

Vacuum thrust bearing for lever

Item-ID Description
CZ-141a with pump
CZ-141b without pump